The Belgian Construction Industry : A Reliable Partner For Sustainable Building And Civil Engineering

The Belgian construction industry is one of the main industrial sectors in Belgium. Several thousands of enterprises are active in the Belgian construction sector. Just like the Belgian economy, the construction sector has an open character and is well integrated in the global market. Belgium has a solid reputation in construction works and the international scope of Belgian contractors is gaining importance by the day.

Many successful projects carried out in various places of the world confirming the expertise of Belgian construction companies. In dredging and marine works Belgian contractors are amongst the world leaders. Other domains of Belgian expertise include hydraulics, road and railways works, building projects, high-rise buildings (including the highest one in the world), airports, hotels, hospitals, offices, commercial centers and industrial facilities.

As sustainability is becoming a key factor, Belgian companies have developed an international activity in environmental works like water treatment, decontamination of soils, waste disposal or renewable energy. Belgian contractors owe their success to their expertise in engineering and design, well trained human resources, state-of-the-art equipment, efficient organization and the ambition to be reliable yet flexible partners.